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datasheet view
design view
field name
field properties
field selector
record selector

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1. specifications that allow you to customize an Access field beyond choosing a data type
3. a group of fields in a database
6. data entered into a cell
7. a small box or bar that you click to select a column in a database
8. a view in Access that enables you to enter records directly into a table
9. a view that enables you to tell Access exactly how you want the object to look
10. a collection of related information organized for rapid search and retrieval
12. similar to a template, a wizard asks you questions and formats a document according to your preferences


2. a small box or bar that you click to select a row in a database
4. enables you to locate multiple records matching a specified criteria in a single action
5. a label to identify a field in a database.
11. a single piece of information in a database



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December 28, 2013
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