Microsoft Access


Before taking this test, please remember to study the Microsoft Access Vocabulary Words!

Please answer the questions to the best of your abilities by choosing the correct word for each definition. When you have answered all of the questions, click the "Check Answer" button. A box will pop-up with your score. You will be asked to show this score to your teacher, or print out the results.

A collection of related information organized for rapid search and retrieval. 
A view in Access that enables you to enter records directly into a table.
A view that enables you to tell Access exactly how you want the object to look.
Data entered into a cell.
A label to identify a field in a database.
Specifications that allow you to customize an Access field beyond choosing a data type.
A small box or bar that you click to select a column in a database.
A single piece of information in a database.
A small box or bar that you click to select a row in a database.
A group of fields in a database.
Enables you to locate multiple records matching a specified criteria in a single action.
Similar to a template, a wizard asks you questions and formats a document according to your preferences.



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