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absolute cell references
active cell
ascending order
cell reference
descending order
fill handle
function formula
header row
mixed cell references
order of evaluation
relative cell references

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  17        18                  


1. equation used to calculate values in a spreadsheet cell
3. a cell reference that is adjusted when the formula is copied or moved to a new location
5. the sequence used to calculate the value of a complex formula
6. a special formula that names a function instead of using operators to calculate a result
7. a cell reference that contains both relative and absolute cell refernences
8. sorts alphabetically from Z to A and numerically from the highest to the lowest number.
9. identifies the column letter and row number (for example, A1 or B4)
11. a symbol that tells Excel what mathematical operation to perform in a spreadsheet formula
12. sorts alphabetically from A to Z and numerically from the lowest to the highest number
14. a grid of rows and columns containing numbers, text, and formulas
15. labels at the top of columns in a worksheet
16. combine multiple cells into a single cell
17. a selected cell
19. a small square in the bottom right corner of an active cell in a worksheet


2. a number or cell reference in a spreadsheet formula
4. a cell reference that does not change when the formula is copied or moved to a new location
10. a spreadsheet
13. a selected group of cells
18. the box in a worksheet or table created by the intersection of row and column boundary lines



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