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Backup A copy of a file or disk you make for archiving purposes.1
Crash A system malfunction in which the computer stops working and has to be restarted.1 Program that terminates without warning or reason.4 The entire screen freezes and allows no communication.
Cylinders Two corresponding tracks on a fixed disk.4 Used in floppy disks and hard drives.
Delete A command that is used in terms of deleting/removing data or files.4 The keyboard key is identified as DEL.
Directory Path The names of all the drives, folders, and subfolders needed to locate a file.5 The complete location of where a computer, file, web, or other object is located.4
Document A file that the user creates, sees, and/or interacts with on-screen. They are contained within a window, and typically include a menu bar, a title bar, a status bar, a page (or pages), and various toolbars.5
File The generic word for an application, document, control panel, or other computer data.1
File Extension A string of letters, usually three, (preceded by a period) that follow a file name. It categorizes the file and identifies the program that can open/activate the file.5
Folder An organizational container for one or more subfolders and/or files.5 A location that stores multiple files and other folders found in the GUI operating systems.4
Head Device found on the arm of a hard drive that is used to read data from the hard disk drives disk platter.4
Lands The flat surfaces on the surface of a CD that does not reflect light when it is hit by a laser. This works with the Lands to allow the electrical eye to interpret the data.
My Documents A folder designed in Windows for as the default, or predetermined setting, location for a user to save his or her files and documents. Usually connected to the profile so different users have access to their own folders.
Optimize Term used to describe the improvement of overall performance in software, hardware of the computer.4
Pits Microscopic indentions on the surface of a CD that reflects light when it is hit by a laser. This works with the Lands to allow the electrical eye to interpret the data.
Recycle Bin A location where deleted files are temporarily stored on Windows operating systems. It allows users to easily recover files that have been mistakenly deleted.4
RPM Revolutions per Minute. Used to help determine the access time on computer hard disk drives. It is a measurement of how many complete revolutions a computer's hard disk drive makes in a single minute.4
Save To write a file onto a disk.1 The command is usually found under the File menu.4
Save As A File menu item; to save a previously saved file in a new location and/or with a new name.1 Allows users to specify the name and location of where he or she wishes to save the file before saving it.4

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