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clip gallery
design template
normal view
on screen presentation
slide show view
slide sorter view
slide transitions
slide view
sound effect

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1. displays a miniature version of each of the slides in a PowerPoint presentation
3. specifies a color scheme, text format, background, bullet styles, and graphics for all the slides in a PowerPoint presentation
5. an electronic display of a presentation
6. provide guides for where you can add text, pictures, tables, or charts in a PowerPoint slide
8. allows you to see a PowerPoint presentation as a slide show
9. allows you to see a PowerPoint slide in full view
11. in PowerPoint, include sound, music, and voice narration


2. determine how slides are introduced in a presentation
4. a view of a presentation in PowerPoint that shows the outline pane, the slide pane, and the notes pane
7. a wide variety of pictures, photographs, sounds, and video clips that you can insert in your documents
10. the way text or graphics appear on a PowerPoint slide



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