Chapter 5 Essay


INSTRUCTIONS: The essay questions must will be answered using a word processor and formatted according to class guidelines, printed, and submitted to the teacher before the next reading day.



You have now read the first five chapters of Little House on the Prairie. The Ingalls family have moved to Indian Territory. Laura is excited and hoping to see a papoose. Ma seems to be worried about Indians being nearby. Pa said that "you never saw Indians unless they wanted you to see them." At the time that this book takes place, many of the settlers did not get along with the Indians who lived near the new settlements.

Discuss the problems that existed between the Indians and the settlers. What do you think caused the problems? Could things have been handled differently with different results?  What lessons did we learn from the Indian/settler conflicts? What similar conflicts are we dealing with in today's world? Non-detailed responses will NOT be accepted.

by: Casey Jo Burrus © 2014
Bingham, Illinois
updated: September 12, 2015
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