Chapter 25 Essay


INSTRUCTIONS: The essay questions must will be answered using a word processor and formatted according to class guidelines, printed, and submitted to the teacher before the next reading day.



You have now read the twenty-fifth chapter of Little House on the Prairie. Mr. Edwards and Mr. Scott have just told Pa that they are going to have to move away. The soldiers are coming to make them leave. Pa is very angry about this news. Nevertheless, he immediately makes plans to pack up and leave. The whole family is disappointed. They have worked hard to build a life here on the Prairie, and now they will need to leave it all behind. Have you and your family every had to move to a new place? How did that make you feel? did you feel a little like the Ingalls family did? Mr. Scott is going to wait until the soldiers make him leave, but Pa says he is leaving now. Mr. Edwards says he is going down river. If you were Pa and had to make this choice for your family, what would you do? Which path would you take. Write 1-2 paragraphs to talk about your response to this situation. Explain your answer. Non-detailed responses will NOT be accepted.

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