Freak the Mighty

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Freak the Mighty

by: Rodman Philbrick

Site Objectives
Text Narration of Audio File

This instructional module was created with four main objectives in mind:

  1. To provide an alternative to the traditional pencil and paper activities. Students spend the majority of their school day completing pencil and paper activities, including note taking, assignment completion, and writing activities. This module will help to stimulate the students learning by offering a change of pace, an alternative to these tasks.

  2. To provide an interactive education on the internet. The majority of students have surfed the web and more than likely participated in online interactions. But, they have had little exposure to this interaction as a source and a tool for education. This module will help students to realize and understand the potential that this technology has for education.

  3. To provide an accommodation for students who have difficulty reading and/or understanding the written word. Special Education students, more specifically those with learning disabilities, often have a difficult time reading and/or comprehending. Students who struggle with these issues often fall behind the class and fail assignments because of their disabilities. This module provides an accommodation for these students in the form of text narration. Students have the option of clicking on an icon to have the text read to them. This will allow them to comprehend the material orally, which in many cases is much easier for the students.

  4. To increase students’ motivation for the curriculum. Students who struggle with reading sometimes hate to even try, no matter how interesting the book might appear to be. These same students spend hours each day playing with computers and other gaming machines. This module will take advantage of this pastime by incorporating it into the curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to quote “play” on the computer by completing the online interactive activities. Plus, they will receive credit for this opportunity! Taking advantage of the students’ interests will engage them longer. They will find the activities more enjoyable to participate in and therefore will be more willing to participate in the novel unit.

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Casey Jo Burrus
Summer 2004

Updated: December 28, 2013