Keyboarding Vocabulary

Character A letter, number, symbol, or space. 4
Clipboard A temporary storage area for text that is to be cut or copied and then pasted to another location.3
Cursor The movable indicator on a monitor (screen) that indicates the place for editing a document.4
Delete To remove a character, word, line, etc. 4
Default A setting used unless another option is chosen.3
Drag-and-Drop Drag the mouse to move or copy selected text to a new location.3
Edit To revise text. 4
Ergonomics the science concerned with designing safe and comfortable machines for humans.1
First-Line Indent Only the first line of the paragraph is indented.3
Font An assortment of characters in a certain type and size. 4
Footers Text and/or graphics appearing at the bottom of each page in a document.3
Format The size, style, typeface, page size, margins, and printing requirements of a printed document. 2
Hanging Indent In a paragraph, all lines, but the first "hang" (are indented) to the right of the first line.3
Hard Page Break A manual page break.3
Headers Text and/or graphics appearing at the top of each page in a document.3
I-Beam When positioned on the text, the mouse pointer becomes and I-shaped pointer.3
Insert In this default mode, new text is inserted between existing characters.3
Justification The alignment of horizontal lines. 2
Keyboarding Typing on a computer. 4
Landscape In this orientation, the document prints with the long edge of the page at the top.3
Link Connections in a hypertext document that allows you to jump to another section of the same document, to another document on the World Wide Web, to a Help Screen, or to a web site.3
Normal The display of a document in a simple layout.3
Overtype In this mode, new text replaces existing characters.3
Points A unit of measure for fonts (One inch equals approximately 72 of these).3
Portrait In this orientation, the document prints with the short edge of the page at the top. 3
Print Layout The display of a document where the display shows the document as it will look when it is printed.3
Scroll Move through the pages of a document on the screen without repositioning the insertion point.3
Select Identify text for editing and formatting.3
Soft Page Break Page breaks that Word automatically formats as needed when text reaches the bottom margin.3
Toggle Turn an option on and off using the same procedure.3
Word Wrap Text automatically moves to the next line when it reaches the right margin.3