Little House in the Big Woods

Little House in the Big Woods

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Before taking this test, please read the novel, Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder!

Please answer the questions to the best of your abilities by matching the people on the right to their quotes on the left. When you have answered all of the questions, click the "Check Answer" button. A box will pop-up with your score. Do not close until your score is printed or reviewed by your teacher.
"Go to sleep, Laura. Jack won't let the wolves in." (Ch. 1)
"Anyway, I saved the bacon!" (Ch. 1)
"Because the big cat wouldn't let it." (Ch. 1)
"I want the drumstick! I want the drumstick!" (Ch. 2)
"Where's my little half-pint of sweet cider half drunk up?" (Ch. 2)
"You shouldn't frighten the children so, Charles. Look how big their eyes are." (Ch. 2)
"Tell us about the Voice in the Woods." (Ch. 3)
"A big boy nine years old is old enough to remember to mind." (Ch. 3)
"I'll tell you what let's do. Let's make pictures." (Ch. 4)
"I turned right around and ran into the house where the children were, and slammed the door." (Ch. 4)
"I took my gun and hunted all around the place, but I couldn't find him. I saw some more of his tracks." (Ch. 4)
"Did Adam have good clothes to wear on Sundays?" (Ch. 5)
"I hate Sunday!" (Ch. 5)
"So you see, Laura and Mary, you may find it hard to be good, but you should be glad that it isn't as hard to be good now as it was when Grandpa was a boy." (Ch. 5)
"No, Sukey is safe in the barn. Think, Laura - all those big heavy logs in the barn walls. And the door is heavy and solid, made to keep bears out." (Ch. 6)
"To think, I've slapped a bear!" (Ch. 6)
"If I'd met a bear, I couldn't have shot him without dropping my load. And if I'd dropped that bucket and bundle, I wouldn't have had to shoot him. I could have stood and watched him eat what's in them and lick his chops." (Ch. 7)
"So that's why it's a sugar snow, because Grandpa is making sugar?" (Ch. 7)
"Listen, isn't that pretty?" (Ch. 8)
"Caroline says Charles could span her waist with his hands, when they were married." (Ch. 8)
"I can't leave the syrup." (Ch. 8)
"That's a pretty little girl you've got there." (Ch. 9)
"Oh, no, Charles, I don't really need it." (Ch. 9)
"Which do you like best, Aunt Lotty, brown curls, or golden curls?" (Ch. 10)
"I fooled you that time!" (Ch. 11)
"It would have taken Henry and Peterson and Pa and me a couple of weeks apiece to thresh as much grain with flails as that machine threshed today." (Ch. 12)
"I'm glad you didn't shoot them!" (Ch. 13)
"We can eat bread and butter." (Ch. 13)



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