Discussion 5: Reflection


EDUC 630


This technology course has been a learning experience. I have gained a greater understanding of technologies that are available for the classroom. There are several takeaways that I have discovered. One takeaway is that “we should be deliberately teaching students how to manage their attention with their devices and explaining what multitasking is doing to their ability to effectively complete their work” (Hertz, 2017). Students are overwhelmed with the information and opportunities that are available through their devices. We must train students to know how to manage their devices in order to maintain focus on the assigned activity.

Another takeaway is the information I gained in the development of my web-based assessment and my technology demonstration activities. I learned how to develop activities using Kahoot! and Nearpod. Both of these programs offer many opportunities for teachers to develop materials for their classroom. I plan to continue using these sites to develop activities for my students to practice their skills.

This course has challenged me to find ways to integrate technologies in a meaningful way, not simply for the sake of integrating technology. In Proverbs, God challenges us to “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” (NIV, 1973/2011, Proverbs 16:3). I want to challenge myself to continue to look for technologies that will help my students to reach their goals. I would also like to discover technologies that will allow me to organize my data collection process. This course has given me several tools to add to my toolbelt to continue to develop an enriching educational experience for my students.



Hertz, M. B. (2017, July 25). Digital tools and distraction in school: We should be deliberately teaching middle and high school students how to manage their devices. Edutopia. https://www.edutopia.org/blog/digital-tools-distraction-in-school-mary-beth-hertz


EDUC 630

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