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The following is a list of fantastical creatures found in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  You will be given a test over some of these at the end of the story.

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Alsatian Large German Shepherd Dog. 131
Bacchus   Roman god of wine, mysteries, and the theatre.(Greek Name: Dionysus).  He is sometimes described as a Faun. 16
Boggle   Skeleton-like creatures with dagger claws.  Relative to goblins and known to be viciously clever. 136
Bucentaur   Man from the waist up, ox (or bull) from the waist down. Very similar to a Centaur. 126
Cat-a-Mountain   Large winged wildcat. 96
Centaur Man from the waist up, horse from the waist down.  Often wise, yet violent. 96
Cruel   "Short, hairy, ugly creatures" with long teeth." 7 Known to be a coward, but like to torture victims. 136
Dragon Large reptile beast that often has wings.  It is said to breathe fire and is thought to be very dangerous. 96
Dryad   Female spirit.  She governs the trees of the forests. 15
Dwarf Creature of short stature and great strength.  Known as warriors and miners. 16
Efreet   Jinn, or genie, of fire. Known to be terrifying and powerful. 151
Ettin   Three-headed giant-like creature. 151
Faun   "Mischievous creatures with the legs, ears and tail of a deer and the face and body of a handsome young man." 4 10
Ghoul Demon, or monster, that lives in a graveyard. 136
Giant Enormous man with superhuman strength. 81
Hag   Vicious, old woman. Oftentimes very ugly with hairy warts.  Enjoy dabbling in magic and make excellent potions. 136
Horror   Ghostly black creature.  Known for their terrifying cries and vicious claws. 151
Incubus   Gargoyle-like demon with bat-like wings.  Known to disguise himself as a handsome young man. 151
Minotaur Creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man. Very long horns are dangerous in battle. 151
Naiad   Female spirit.  She governs the fresh waters of the rivers and lakes. 42
Nymph   Spirits of Nature, including Naiads and Dryads.  These females are compared to their male counterparts, the Satyrs. 15
Ogre Monster-like giant that is said to eat humans. Known to be hairy and have a very large nose.  Also known as a Troll. 151
Orkny   "Short, pointy-nosed, very mischievous goblin-like creature." 7 151
Pegasus Horse with great wings.  Known to be noble, wise, and majestic. 96
People of the Toadstool   "Very short, very evil creatures that live among the enchanted mushrooms." 7 Known for cruelty and enjoy working in a group. 136
Reindeer Large deer, also known as a caribou.  Known to easily adapt to cold weather and a ideal for driving a sledge. 30
Satyr   Half man, half goat.  Sometimes with horns, a beard, and goat ears. Known to be wild forest creatures. 96
Silenus   Bacchus's faithful companion and teacher.  Known to have the legs and tail of a horse. 15
Spectre   Terrible, evil spirit.  Known to have great power. 136
Sprite   "Tiny, imp-like creatures that fly on very small wings." 7 Enjoy causing mischief and are unfriendly and dangerous. 151
Unicorn Horse with a single horn.  The horn is said to be long and have magical properties. Known to be gentle, noble, delicate, and loyal. 126
Werewolf   Part man and part wolf.  Savage creatures that hunt humans.  Sometimes known to transform from man to wolf during full moon. 136
White Stag   Legendary deer.  Will grant wishes to it captor. 16
Woose   "Medium-sized, very fat and nasty creature."  7 These gray creatures have no hair and are often mistaken for stones. 151
Wraith   "Wispy, ghost-like spirits that are very difficulty to see." 7 These very dangerous creatures are known to "sneak upon people at night and suck their life away from them." 7 151

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