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Below are links to printable activities for use in your classroom. Remember to check out the Links page for more activities, especially the Book Resources I used.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equilvalent program to view many of these files.

Chapter Activities

Chapter 1 Questions Chapter 1 Essay Chapter 2 Questions
Chapter 3 Questions Chapter 4 Questions Chapter 5 Questions
Chapter 6 Questions Chapter 6 Essay Chapter 7 Questions
Chapter 8 Questions
Deck of Cards (included in ch questions)
Chapter 9 Questions Chapter 10 Questions
Chapter 11 Questions Chapter 12 Questions
Sounds of Wonderland (included in ch questions)
Chapter 12 Essay

Story Review & Final Activities

Plot Mix-Up Character Crossword Character Quotes
Short Answer Final Multiple Choice Final
Test A | Test B | Test C
True-False Final
Final Essay   Reading Response
Journal Cover

Vocabulary Activites




Chapters 1 - 2 Fill-In
Matching Quiz
Chapters 3 - 4 Fill-In
Matching Quiz
Chapters 5 - 6 Fill-In
Matching Quiz
Chapters 7 - 8 Fill-In
Matching Quiz
Chapters 9 - 10 Fill-In
Matching Quiz
Chapters 11 - 12 Fill-In
Matching Quiz
Unit Vocabulary List Unit Vocabulary Test
Study Guide
Unit Vocabulary Test
( Key )

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