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Below are links to interactive activities for you to complete after reading each group of chapters. This is for a grade, you must answer all of the questions to receive full credit.

When you have answered the last question, you will need to show the results to your teacher to receive credit. Or, print the results and submit to your teacher.

Some chapters have more than one activity. You must complete all activities. The essay questions must be answered using your word processor, formatted according to class essay guidelines, printed, and submitted to teacher before the next reading day.

Remember: You can listen to the text by clicking on the next to the text.

Chapter Activities

Story Introduction ** Story Journal *
(If not assigned -
use for Extra Credit)
Chapter 1 Questions Chapter 1 Essay
Chapter 2 Questions Chapters 1-2 Check *** Chapter 3 Questions Chapter 4 Questions
Chapters 3-4 Check *** Chapter 5 Questions Chapter 6 Questions Chapter 6 Essay
Chapters 5-6 Check *** Chapter 7 Questions Chapter 7 Check *** Comprehension Quiz 1 *
Vocabulary Quiz 1 * Chapter 8 Questions
Deck of Cards
Chapter 8 Check *** Chapter 9 Questions
Chapter 10 Questions Chapters 9-10 Check *** Chapter 11 Questions Chapter 12 Questions
Sounds of Wonderland
Chapter 12 Essay Chapters 11-12 Check *** Comprehension Quiz 2 * Vocabulary Quiz 2 *

Story Review & Final Activities

Solving Problems ** Cloze Activity *** Plot Mix-Up:
Version A | Version B
Character Crossword
Character Quotes:
Version A | Version B
Short Answer Final Multiple Choice Final True-False Final
Final Essay Final Test * Alternative Assessment * Accelerated Reading Test
Accelerated Vocabulary Test      

Extra Credit Activites

See teacher about using the Links page to find activites to do and information to report.  Some might be worth extra credit!
Story Journal:
Preface - Chapter 1 *
(If not assigned)
Story Journal:
Chapters 2-3 *
(If not assigned)
Story Journal:
Chapters 4-5 *
(If not assigned)
Story Journal:
Chapters 6-7 *
(If not assigned)
Story Journal:
Chapters 8-10 *
(If not assigned)
Story Journal:
Chapters 11-12 *
(If not assigned)
Using Predictions ** Cause/Effect **
Character Analysis ** Characterizations ** Plot Chart ** Story Map **

There is a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, called Through the Looking Glass, also by Lewis Carroll. Read this and write a report on it, or take the Accelerated Reading test on it.  Each is worth 100 bonus points!!!  You may also want to ask your teacher about the audiobook to help you read along.

Through the Looking Glass

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Activities denoted with * are from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Novel Unit - Student.
Activities denoted with ** are from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Novel Unit - Teacher.
Activities denoted with *** are from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland : A Study Guide.


Class Essay Guidelines

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