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Plan of Action:

1. Introduction: Interstate System Overview

a. All About Interstates

i. Read Web Article: Interstate Guide: All About Interstate Highways. (Source: 3 )

ii. Complete Worksheet: All About Interstates - 55 pts. (See Printables )

2. Activity Layout: General activities for each chosen Interstate. - Create a "book" of materials.

a. Find and Read Wikipedia article on Interstate. (Source: 2 )

b. Find and Read Interstate-Guide article on Interstate. (Source: 3 )

c. Search for at least 1 other article aboutthe Interstate.

d. Complete Worksheet: Interstate Map - 50 pts. (Reproducible US Map from Source 16 )

i. Use the US Map to draw Interstate's path.

ii. Identify Major cities, landmarks, and geographical features along path.

e. Complete Worksheet: Interstate Fact Sheet - 30 pts. (See Printables )

f. Complete State Activities for each state the Interstate passes through:

i. Change "Arrival Date" Column on Itinerary to "Interstate" and record Interstate number on appropriate state. (Reproducible US Map from Source 16 )

ii. Use Web and Text Materials to research information about the State. (Possible Sources: 8 , 18 , and 12 )

iii. Complete Worksheet: State Map - 100 pts. (Reproducible State Maps from Source 14 )

1. Draw out Interate Path

2. Identify, Locate, and Mark Capital City («)

3. Locate at least five Major Cities (including by not limited to those in Interstate's path)

4. Identify, Locate, and Mark Geographic Features (Rivers, Mountains, Lakes, etc.) and Local Landmarks or Tourist Attractions (at least 3 per state)

5. Create a Key of Symbols (use colors)

iv. Complete Worksheet: State Fact Sheet - 32 pts. (See Printables )

v. Complete Worksheet: State Activity - points vary (Reproducible Activities from Source 16 )

vi. Choose a State picture to color - 10 pts. (Possible Sources: 11 and 10 )

vii. Complete Worksheet: City Study - 34 pts

1. Complete 1 for EACH Major City that the Interstate passes through in a state - At least 3 for each State

g. Complete Worksheet: Interstate Journal - 75 pts. (Reproducible Activities from Source 16 )

i. Write a 2-paragraph summary of what you learned about the Interstate.

ii. Include Major Cities, Landmarks, and Geographical Features along the way.


Interstates Highways
to Research

Other Major Highways
to Research:

Interstate 70
(Cove Fort, Utah to Baltimore, Maryland)
US Route 66
(Los Angeles, California to Chicago, Illinois)
Interstate 95
(Houlton, Maine to Miami, Florida)
US Route 50
(Sacramento, California to Washington, D.C.)
  US Route 93
(Eureka, Montana to Wickenburg, Arizona)


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