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  • Students are expected to learn the correct finger positions and technique to reach all of the keys on the keybaord
    • Fingers placed on home row
    • Arched fingers
    • Wrists off the keyboard
  • Students are expected to demonstrate proper posture when working at the computer:
    • Back straight
    • Hips at back of chair
    • Body centered
    • Feet flat on the floor
    • Relaxed shoulders
    • Wrists straight
  • Students required to leave class early for band are expected to:
    • Keep watch for time to leave & inform teacher when time approaches
    • Print work that has been completed before leaving
    • Keep up will all class activities
    • Complete some activities ON THEIR OWN TIME
    • Approach teacher about missed work to be completed.
  • Absent students are expected to:
    • Approach teacher about missed work to be completed.
    • Complete missed activities ON THEIR OWN TIME
      • Assignments not completed due to absences will be considered ZEROES!
      • Extended absenses and special circumstances must be discussed with teacher
  • Students are expected to treat computer equipment with proper care:
    • Leave all wiring and connections alone
    • Do not switch equipment with other machines
    • Report any problems with equipment to teacher immediately
    • Do not alter computer settings (desktops, wallpaper, screensavers, etc.)
  • Students are expected to keep classroom neat:
    • Take all papers, books, and other materials with you when you leave.
    • Turn off all equipment as specified by the teacher before leaving the classroom
    • Push in all chairs before leaving the classroom
  • Students will be expected to have designated programs or internet sites open on their computer.
    • Students are expected to remain in these programs and not open others during class time.
    • When using the internet, students will be expected to remain in the designated areas.
    • Unless specifically given permission, students should not be:
      • surfing the internet
      • listening to music
      • playing games
      • clicking on advertisements and/or pop-up messages




  • Arrive in class on time with all necessary materials.
  • Show respect for faculty, students, and equipment at all times.
  • Sit in their assigned seats every day.
  • Follow the procedures and expectations for the class.

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You will need to come to class equipped with the following items EVERY DAY:

  • A good attitude
  • Respect for teachers, the school equipment, other people, and yourself
  • A mind ready to learnA writing utensil, ready to use
  • A notebook of paper for:
    • taking notes
    • completing assignments
  • A folder to keep your notes organized are ready to refer back to

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