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Keyboarding Class


Who Needs to Type?
You do! Whether you're a student, secretary, office administrator, manager, computer programmer, or engineer-whether you use a PC, laptop, or typewriter-typing is an invaluable skill. It's a skill that can open doors and enhance your career opportunities. In this high-tech world of computer-generated communications (fax, electronic mail, word processing, networks, bulletin boards, and much more), anyone who can't type runs the risk of being excluded from many business transactions.
-- Lindsell-Roberts, Sheryl --


This course was specifically designed for the seventh grade students at Cowden-Herrick Junior High School.

The purpose of the course is to improve students' ability to use computers to further the educational experience.



The menu on the left hand side of the window provides easy access to the following areas of this site:

Home - A quick link to return it this page.

Procedures - Rules of the course and common classroom procedures

Schedule - A week-by-week layout of the course.

Grades - A quick look at students' grades.

Brain Busters - Extra Credit points given each week.

Vocabulary - List of basic keyboard vocabulary words.

Shortcuts- List of common Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Resources - List of books, sites, and resources use to develop this course.


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