Freak the Mighty
by: Rodman Philbrick

Freak the Mighty

Story Review

Before completing this activity, you must read the story, Freak the Mighty
Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues! Remember, you can listen to each sentence by clicking on the sound button at the end of each sentence.


REMEMBER: When you have answered the last question, you will need to print the last page of the quiz. Put your name on this page and turn it in to the teacher. You will not receive a grade without turning this page in.

   adventures      American chop suey      Annie      appearance      basement      body      bulkhead      chokes      Christmas Eve      computer      crutches      delighted      dictionary      died      dinner      Dr. Spivak      eighth      empty book      Fourth of July      Friday the 13th      gadget      grandparents      Gwen      hero      high above      Iggy      Kenny      Kevin      King Arthur      learning disabilities      Lee      Loretta      Loretta Lee      magician      Max      moves      organs      ornithopter      plea bargain      purse      quests      robots      scared      sewer      shoulders      skeleton      small      smart      sulphuric acid      testaments      Tony D      tracheotomy      turd      wagon      writing      yelling   
This story is about a young man who lives with his , named . Max lives in the of the house, and attends classes at school. A new family in next door. Max recognizes the young man as , who attended day care with him. Kevin is very and for his age. He uses to help him walk.

Kevin is outside at the movers to be careful with his . His mother, , tries to calm him down. Later, Kevin is playing with his and Max helps him rescue the bird from a tree. They become fast friends. Max pulls Kevin to his house in Kevin's . Kevin tells him all about and the knights of the round table.

At first, Gwen is of Max because of his . When she learns who he is, she is that Max and Kevin will be friends. Gwen invites Max over for . Kevin tells him all about . Max laughs so hard that he chokes.

On the , Kevin and Max attend the fireworks celebration at the lake. Max picks up Kevin and puts him on his so that he can see better. They have a "close encounter of the kind" when they run into and his gang. Max is named a by "saving" Kevin from the gang of bullies.

Every morning, Kevin wakes Max up by banging on the door. Kevin rides on Max's shoulders so that he doesn't have to deal with his crutches. Kevin likes walking the world. They go on all sorts of .

Late one night, they find a in the . The next day, they visit the to return the purse to . She and her husband, , knew Max & Kevin's parents. Loretta says that Kevin's father was a because he disappeared as soon as he heard that Kevin had birth defects.

When school starts, Max and Kevin are both in the grade. Max is allowed to take regular classes if promises to help him. On , Max finds out his dad is getting out on parole. On the same day, Kevin chokes on .

The families have Christmas Eve at Max's house. Max gives Kevin a tool for Christmas. Kevin gives Max a of his favorite words and definitions. On , Max's father, , comes into Max's room and kidnaps him. He takes him to the 's house.

The next morning, tries to untie Max while Iggy keeps Kenny busy. Kenny comes in and Loretta. Max jumps up to save Loretta and remembers seeing do the same thing to Max's mom, . Kevin saves the day with a water gun full of what he says is . Kenny accepts a , and returns to jail without Max testifying.

Kevin has to go to see more often. He says that she is getting him a new . For his birthday, Kevin gets a new so that he can do his school work when he has to stay home. He chokes and they rush him to the hospital. The doctor performs a to help Kevin breathe.

Kevin gives Max an and tells him to write all of their adventures down. The next morning, when Max goes to visit Kevin, everyone is crying. Kevin in the night. His had stopped growing and his got too big for his body.

Max did not attend the funeral because he felt so bad. The next year, he ran into . She said that Gwen had moved to California. When he said that he was doing "nothing," she said, "Nothing's a drag". That is when Max finally decided. He went home and started .
He wrote down their in Kevin's empty book.



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