Chapter 3
Vocabulary Words

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briar 55 a plant (as a blackberry or rose) with a thorny or prickly stem; also : a mass or twig of these
buckskin 47 the skin of a buck; a soft flexible leather used for cloth
gunstock 48 the stock or support in which the barrel of a shoulder weapon is fixed
muzzle 50 the open end of a gun from which the bullet is fired
powder horn 52 a flask for carrying gunpowder; especially : one made of the horn of an ox or cow
ramrod 47 a rod for ramming the charge down the barrel in a muzzle-loading firearm
ravine 55 a small narrow valley with steep sides that is larger than a gully and smaller than a canyon
scurry 54 to move briskly; scamper
thrash 58 to strike forcefully especially with a long instrument (as a whip)

Definitions utilized from Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary and Merriam-Webster's Word Central Dictionary based on use in Little House in the Big Woods.

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