Chapter 4
Vocabulary Words

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curlicue 63 a fancifully curved or spiral figure (as a flourish in handwriting)
flatiron 82 a device with a flat metal base that is heated to smooth or press cloth
gaiter 76 a leg covering reaching from the instep to above the ankle or to mid-calf or knee
pokeberry 76 the berry of the pokeweed
ravel 76 to become entangled or confused
savage 69 not tamed; wild
snarl 69 to growl with a snapping or showing of teeth
squiggle 63 a short wavy twist or line
Swedish cracker 62 is a very flat and dry Nordic type of bread, containing mostly rye flour
whittle 60 to shave or cut off chips from the surface of wood with a knife; to shape or form by so shaving or cutting

Definitions utilized from Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary and Merriam-Webster's Word Central Dictionary based on use in Little House in the Big Woods.

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