Chapter 5 Essay

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INSTRUCTIONS: The essay questions must will be answered using a word processor and formatted according to class guidelines, printed, and submitted to the teacher before the next reading day.

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You have now read the fifth chapter of Little House in the Big Woods. Sunday is often considered the Sabbath, or the LORD's day. It is very important for many households. Why do many families honor the Sabbath? What is the purpose of it? Pa tells Laura and Mary about when their Grandpa was a young boy. How was Sunday different or the same for Mary and Laura? How is it different or the same for you and your family? Write one paragraph to describe your thoughts. Make sure you go into details.  Non-detailed responses will NOT be accepted. If you would like some biblical information on the Sabbath, check out Exodus 16:23-29, Exodus 20:8-11, and Genesis 2:1-2. You are welcome to include your findings in your paragraph.


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